aprudentlady (aprudentlady) wrote,

"I dont want you phoning it in..."

so yeah, this week has been about exercising, and the pain that I am hoping will gain me a svelte figure.

I have brought the 30 Day Shread,
which is a DVD training program that makes you do 20 (more like 30 all in) minutes of intense, insane, painful but actually good once you start to enjoy it torture. It’s by Jullian Michaels (who apparently was on the Biggest Loser) and the quote is one of her sayings. I have done four days of it now and my upper arms really rather hurt today, this may be due to my increasing the weights to 2kg today. I will have buff arms... oh yes!

No pain no gain

I have also brought a swimming costume to guilt me into going swimming and a new sports bra more resembling of an inquisition devise than a piece of lingerie.

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