aprudentlady (aprudentlady) wrote,

Life moves pretty fast…

This week there isn’t a photo.

I did nearly go and try and make something quickly happen yesterday to make a photo, but that really isn’t part of the point of this for me.

In simple terms I didn’t take any pictures last week.

During the week I went to work, I went home, I spent time with my chap and my cats, I made food and watched films and knitted a bit; life happen.

The weekend was nice and relaxing. We went to visit friends and talked toot and played sheepy, wheaty rock and and frankly I didn’t want to start pulling out a camera / my phone and snap at stuff. That was not what the evening was about.

Sometimes the best picture isn’t the one being taken. Life happens in front of a lens and if you don’t put the camera down, or stop checking the phone or step away from the screen, you can forget that and miss it.
Tags: photo a week, public
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