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February 21st, 2012

"stop! wait a minute Mr Postman..."

So it is Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent tomorrow, which this year is 46 days long due to the number of Sundays (which don’t count).

I am already dieting and borderline fasting as it is and my yee olde religion has rather gone by the wayside (although the faith sort of ish remains in a complicated way), so it would feel wrong to ascribe to a fast which mimics the guy that I don’t quite believe in.

Instead I usually DO something, make it a positive event rather than a negative one.

This year I am going to do letters of love. (which is nowhere close to an original idea but what is these days?)

The premise is very simple, every day I will send a letter, or a card, or a gift or a combination of the same to try and bring some love, light, joy and hope to others and to try and make positive changes.

These will include letters to my lovely awesome friends, but also letters to MP’s and authorities in of support of campaigns close to my heart (such a through amnesty international) and care packages.

One a day.

For 46 days.

Might not change the whole world, but hopefully will make a few individual worlds feel a little better for a bit.

So, who is going to join me?

As a side note, my uncle (Peter Westwood) died at the start of the month, he worked at the GPO for most of his life as an engineer and helped design and build the first machines that processed the automated postcode systems. So it feels appropriate to be a little bit old school in this era of easy technology.



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