April 16th, 2012

watching the world go by

live, laugh, love

Wow what a weekend!

So much foods, so much good company, lots of big ole love, some exciting news about new life and some sad news about the passing of a wonderful lady who I was fortunate to have met albeit far too briefly.

There will be much postage occurring about the foods and I am sure a couple about the clothing and other stuffs… but not today as I am tired and back at work.

I also have huge amounts of rambley stuff knocking around in my head and a whole new lust of stuffs and plans and things.. not all of which will make it on the here and I may have to go and buy myself an old fashioned paper for my eyes only diary ...maybe.

I have also decided that after a weekend of historical cooking, costume & subjecting my guests to eating history trivia I need to somehow make it my job *nods*