aprudentlady (aprudentlady) wrote,

The important thing about a problem is not its solution...

...but the strength we gain in finding the solution

Whilst wandering round Whitby I had an idea.

The issue that most people seen to have against about people who like dressing up and parading is the crowd of photographers that they attract.

Last weekend was no different and in fact we established that a couple of photography clubs had started to attend the weekends in droves purely to take pictures of people dressed up.

I am more often than not one of the people who wander round in rather overblown outfits and for whom Whitby is partly about such things. I make no apology for spending my holiday the way I want to spend my holiday.

However, I more often than not say no to photos - they not part of my idea of a holiday and the photographers and crowds make my getting to the pub slightly infuriating.

I think the answer to get the balance back again is to discourage the droves of photographers.

To that end, and to give something back to Whitby, I propose that we all agree to ask for a small donation to the RNLI in exchange for posing for photos.

Who's with me !?
Tags: general ramblings, public
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