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pussy cat pussy cat where have you been...

In a vague attempt to journal more and because I like the idea but don’t want yet another blog I don’t use I have decided to steal the bliphoto idea and use pics on the LJ as a jump point.

What else could I start with but my beautiful kitties?!

It is also a shameless excuse to wax lyrical about my kittens and for those that have not been bombarded by pics already (or the real living furry flesh).

I have two beautiful, but hysterically stupid Bengals. They are f3's and both just over two years old. They are half sisters (by their father) and are both adorable and talkative and dopey and ungraceful and smelly and tiny and loving.

They are the first pets that are ‘mine’, or rather that chose me.

They are also very very spoilt.

This is Luna (Selene).

She is a silver spot lynx Bengal.

She likes anything that she can eat, especially if she can have it off your plate. She also has a really weird habit where she drags her back leg across your foot when she wants feeding. She particularly likes raw chicken wings and munching bones which make a really scary cracking noise.

She is my little grey shadow and has occasional sad days where she stays in her basket and mopes about a bit. She sometimes comes and wakes me up in the morning so that she can get under the bed covers for cuddles.

She also very definitely has a screw you meow.

This is Aura (Aurora).

She is a golden spotted Bengal. She is two days the elder.

She has huge paws and huge eyes and a huge belly. She has the loudest meow I have ever heard, especially at 6 am when she wants us to get up and feed her.

She loves her fish and gets mean and if she has had cat nip, which she will steal and run away with if you are not pay full attention.

She especially loves it when you rub her belly and she rewards you by eviscerating you with her super sharp claws.

She is very much the Chaps cat and comes trotting along whenever he clicks his fingers and meows no stop at me when he is away. He is also the only person who has survived picking her up.
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