aprudentlady (aprudentlady) wrote,

"He who breaks a resolution is a weakling ...

“…He who makes one is a fool.”

Not wishing to be too foolish, I am not making resolutions really, although I am making one rule for this year; to blog more often. Both privately and publicly, both on here and on the costume blog.

So instead of resolutions I am having a list of stuff I want to do this year (tomato…. tomato). I don’t want to feel force to do anything specific; I want to feel inspired to do and try things instead.

1.      Take and post about a photo a week. 
I was going to do a photo a day, but that’s like pressure and a thing I am just setting myself up to fail.  So instead I am stealing Nicky’s [NOLJ] idea of a photo a week.  I think you are meant to do a snap to sum up what happen that week.  I am hoping that this will also encourage me to be more creative and to learn some more tech stuff about my camera.

2.      To do something properly social once a month.  
By properly social I mean something that gets me out of the house (or brings people to us) for giggles and gossip and stuffs.  Stuffs is good.  Stuff the little grey cells are currently throwing out at me includes a mad hatters dinner party with science cookery, a spring come help me sort out my garden bbq and a movie marathon weekend.

3.      To do some ‘historical’ cookery once a month. 
I had a really fun time testing some roman recipes, albeit that I couldn’t make the tasting day in the end.  I have some more books knocking about and bizarrely a lot of the recipes aren’t bad for me.  I am totally counting a recipe from 1970 btw as ‘historical’.  The rule simply is that is has to be ‘old’ and followed to the letter.   The Chap may end up with some interesting dinners.

4.      To do proper reading again. 
I used to get the Independent and then that got rubbish and then it was The Times on a Wednesday for the law supplement.  I used to be able to read several books on the go, classic literature alongside some tomb of random sciences or phycology.  And then I started commuting and life got too busy.  I have two hours on a train everyday (and a theoretically a lunch hour) which I am currently using for, well, mostly trash literature.  That time could be better used sometimes, although there should always be room for good but slight trashy fiction, but it should be the exception not the rule.

5.      To devote one day a week to work stuffs (outside of work!). 
This is generic, but I have a whole subset to this that I’m not sharing on here as it’s not really relevant, but it is a very important one.

6.      To devote one day a month to my needle and sewing crafts.
I have a small selection of sewing related resolutions and I am not repeating them, but this one is here to remind me that in the midst of the planning I need to put the time aside.

7.      To go and visit at least six new museums or galleries or trust houses. 
That’s one every two months and given there are at least 4 galleries within walking distance of my office that I have not attended yet, it should be do able.  I would also like to go and see an opera and a bit of theatre this year (which I suspect will ‘count’ in this if I manage to do it!).

8.      To spend one a day a week on project ‘me’.
I have deliberately avoided the I must lose ‘x’ pounds or join ‘x’ exercise class but I do want to try and go swimming again and I do want to do the exclusion foods for a few months and see if that sorts out a couple of the recent health issues, but it is more than just food.  I want to spend some time sorting out my wardrobe and just being a bit selfish and doing stuff I enjoy even if that happens to be watching sing a long a sound of music with my cats in my pj’s.

9.      To blog here at least once a month.
If I manage to do the above, that should be easy!  But again, if I set it in stone(ish) then it’s here and I can guilt myself into obeying.

I think they are suitably over-all and general to be possible and to tie in to the actual events that I want to do this year.  Oh and in case you were wondering / saying but it’s already the new year, for the purposes of my world and my life, the year starts the week that commences the closest to 17 January 2012.

So, did you make any resolutions?

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